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Wildgunslinger: founder, writer and editor in chief.
Location: Lyon, France.
Twitter: @wildgunslinger
Skype: wildgunslinger

Wildgunslinger was fed with American movies. At the age of 8, he saw in the same day, at Christmas “The spy who loved me”, “Jaws 2” and parts of “Jaws”. Since this day, known as Day One in his memory, his life has never been the same. Growing up in a small town, he achieved his goal at the age of 20 by joining a bigger city, for a bigger life (Lyon). If he saw a large number of movies before the age of 20 (mostly American ones), his passion became an illness trough the years until today, especially between 2002 and 2012 during his adventures in Paris. In 2000, wildgunslinger took daubet as an alias to write a few reviews on www.ciao.fr (a French website) where he was known as “Monsieur Cinéma” for many years. Since 2011, wildgunslinger spent most of his time in the theaters, when he wasn’t writing reviews on http://www.wildgunslinger.com or recording podcasts with his friends @thefloydus and @evilashymetrie in Podsac , a french webshow. He loves beautiful girls, blockbuster movies, Michael Mann and Quentin Tarantino. But he also loves the blu-ray technology, pizza, hamburgers and black clothes. If you google him, you could be surprised because of his love affair with Sandra Bullock many years ago. Don’t ask him about this story, the end was not so happy. Wildgunslinger is a different type of man, lonesome, addicted and mind-disturbed. Do not have the crazy hope to understand him at all, many have tried during so many years, without any success. Even his own mother could not really understand him. But you can enjoy reading this website. Do not be afraid of leaving a comment. He would possibly answer it…

Evilashymetrie: contributor, partner in crime.
Location: Dreux, France.
Twitter: @evilashymetrie
Website: Evilash Pas l’Affaire

Evilashymetrie is one of the oldest friends of this website founder. Brilliant mind, dreamer and music addicted, he is also a mass dvd/blu-ray consumer. He loves appearing in front of a camera, rolling the camera, women and running until death, no matter it rains, it snows or the storm. You can listen to his over-excited voice and watch his smiley face on a few reviews here, or at Podsac. He also manages by himself a prolific video podcast, known as evilash pas l’affaire. Don’t talk to him, he is a very dangerous guy, especially after midnight on twitter.

Sabrina Bonose: contributor, blogger friend.
Location: Paris, France.
Twitter: @Sabfaitsoncine
Website: L’Empire des Images

Sabrina is known as the first woman being recorded with this website founder. Her great mind, her large knowledge about movies and her kindness must be an example for every woman who reads these words. You can see her in a video review. We all think she will appear again on this website.

Piwi_47: contributor, blogger friend
Location: Grenoble, France.
Twitter: @Piwi_47
Website: Les Critiques Cinéma de Piwi

Piwi_47 is a kiwi, and also the first man who recorded a video review in the same place that this website founder. He was mad before coming at wildgunslinger’s, so the story will not tell us if this kind of adventures is really dangerous or not. His energy, his ability to attack guys like Robert Redford without any pity turned him into an internet-star.

Aymeric Laurent: contributor, blogger friend.
Location: Somewhere in the south of France.
Twitter: @Aymericlaurent
Website: Ciné Club Movies

Aymeric Laurent is a young gun of the internet who likes writing about movies. He also likes spending time with his friends…and drinking too much. He had a secret teenage love affair with the American singer Selena Gomez, in the early 2000’s.

Michael Scius: contributor, blogger friend
Location: Belgium, Western Europe
Twitter: @wolvy128
Website: Cinérama

As all this website contributors, Michael is a movie-addict. He is also a man of taste. The proof is on his website, where he is writing a large number of very clear movie reviews. You can read every month on his website one of the most popular item on the worldwide web called « L’actrice du mois ».

Fred Teper: contributor, blogger friend
Location: Paris, France
Twitter: @cliffhangertwit
Website: Les Chroniques de Cliffhanger

Also known as Cliffhanger, this blogger is a born-writer.
He has discovered his calling as a writer by the age of 10. He has made tryouts with novels, poems and lyrics
He loves: Philippe Djian, Nicolas Peyrac and movies from the 80’s.
This man knows how to build a network and how to get people like him. One of the best in the world of movie bloggers, he is also very talented in front of a camera. You can see him in a video review on this website. He also appeared in Podsac.

Quentin: contributor, blogger friend
Location: Bourg-en-Bresse, France.
Twitter: @MateCeFilm
Website: Mate Ce Film

Quentin wants you to watch movies, and his word is spread on the internet trough his website, named Mate Ce Film.
We think that Quentin is also a very lucky man, because he is carrying the first name of his favourite director, Quentin Tarantino.
He made a close encounter of the third kind on a friday night, when he finally met wildgunslinger’s microphone. Since then, his life has never been the same.

Tony: contributor, partner in crime
Location: Lyon, France
Twitter: @thefloydus
Website: Podsac

This website wouldn’t be the same whithout the advices and thoughts of Anthony. This man, who travels more in a year than Paris Hilton herself, is known as an high-tech products addict.
Don’t listen to him when he says he isn’t also a movie specialist, that’s not true.
He loves: his smartphone before everything or everyone else, his laptop, his piercing (don’t tell him this is so 90’s) and beautiful young women.
You can see and listen to him in the very good podcast Podsac. You can also chat with him on Twitter, Instagram, Instamessage, Snapchat, Kik, Skype, Path, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin or Viadeo: he is always connected.


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