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Wildgunslinger: founder, writer and editor in chief.

Location: Lyon, France.

Twitter: @wildgunslinger

Skype: wildgunslinger

Wildgunslinger was born in the late seventies and was feed with American movies. At the age of 8, he saw in the same day, at Christmas, The spy who loved me, Jaws 2 and parts of Jaws. Since this day, known as day one in his memory, his life has never be the same. Growing up in a small town, he achieved his goal at the age of 20 by joining a bigger city, for a bigger life (Lyon). If he saw a large number of movies before the age of 20 (mostly American ones), his passion became an illness trough the years until today, especially between 2002 and 2012 during his adventures in Paris. In 2000, wildgunslinger took the alias daubet to write a few reviews on the website www.ciao.fr, where he became Monsieur Cinéma (it was a french website) for many years.   Since 2011, wildgunslinger spend most of his time in the theaters, when he is not writing reviews on www.wildgunslinger.com or recording video podcasts with his friends @thefloydus and @evilashymetrie on Podsac, a french webshow. He loves: beautiful girls, blockbuster movies, Michael Mann and Quentin Tarantino. But he also loves the blu-ray technology, pizzas, hamburgers and black clothes. If you google him, you could be surprised because of his love affair with Sandra Bullock many years ago. Don’t ask him about this story, the end was not happy. Wildgunslinger is a different type of man, lonesome, addicted and mind-disturbed. Do not have the secret hope to understand him at all, many have tried during so many years, with no success. Even his own mother could not really understand him. But you can enjoy reading this website, and do not be afraid of leaving a comment. He eventually respond to that…


Evilashymetrie: contributor, partner in crime.

Location: Dreux, France.

Twitter: @evilashymetrie


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